Robert Earl Keen Jr

I Wanna Know

Robert Earl Keen Jr

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I Wanna Know

Capo on 4th fret
	  		I Wanna Know 


Intro: G   D   C  G   C  C/B  Am  C  D 
G                     C                   G 
Have you got a minute; a little time that we can spend 

C            G         Am           D 
Open up and let me in share some memories 

G                    C            G      
People in a hurry; every day goes by so fast 

C                 G           Am             D 
No one takes the time to ask, how it used to be 
D              C                       G 
I wanna know, did your father own an automobile  
      C                       G 
Or a two horse carriage with wood spoke wheels? 
C                   G              Am            D 
I hear you used to walk to school seven miles a day 
C                     G                     C                   G 
Did you ever ride a railroad train and the very first time you saw a plane 
         C                   G 
Did you think the world had gone insane? 
         Am                 D             G   D   C  G   C  C/B  Am  C  D 
Tell me what you‚??ve got to say I want to know 
Words can paint a picture 
Sharper than a photograph 
I know you can take me back  
To times I‚??ll never see 
Got a lot of questions 
There‚??s so much I want to learn 
You can make the pages turn in living history 


Have you got a minute? 
A little time that we could spend 
Open up and let me in 
Share some memories 

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