Robert Brockman

Jesus Be

Robert Brockman

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Jesus Be

	  		VERSE 1 
C               G         D 
How can love so pure, so clean, 
   C                     G     D 
Be love that given to me? 
  C              G      D 
Beside myself, I see my sin, 
   C                G     D 
As red as blood can be. 

The hour I learned of the savior's love, 
My heart could scarcely beat... 
To think that God could love someone, 
As stained and dirty as me... 

PRE-Chorus Am7 Em7 D But how do we fall away?
G D Jesus be this hearts one beat, C Em7 D This soul's one yearn, is You. G D Forgive me my selfish needs, C Em7 D My hearts one love, is You.
VERSE 2 The times I've cried and yearned for You, And then forget my plea. And still You think that I'm enough To send Your Son for me...

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