Rita Reyes

Somebody Loves Me

Rita Reyes

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Somebody Loves Me

(B.G.DeSylva, Ballard MacDonald and George Gershwin)


G    Dm7   Dm   G7  C 
Somebody loves me 
          F7    C 
I wonder who 
         F7  Dm7 G7  C   Gdim D7 
I wonder who she can be. 
C     Dm7   Dm G7   C 
Somebody loves me  
         D7     Em 
I wish I knew 
Cdim       F#m7  B7    Em   B7/13- Em7 
Who she can be worries me 
    A7    Dm       Gm6    Dm 
For ev'ry girl who passes me 
   Gm6         Dm Dm7+ 
I shout, "Hey, maybe 
Am5-/7      D7    Am5-/7   D7    G7      G7/13- 
You were meant to be my lovin' baby" 
 C   Dm7  Dm   G7     C 
Somebody loves me 
I wonder who 
C   C/B  Dm7 G7 C Dm7 C 
Maybe it's you 

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