Final Goodbye


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Final Goodbye

	  		A                   G         E          A 
I never should have waited so long to say 
A             G            E       A    
what is going on since the very first day 
A                      G       E         A    
thought that you would stay forever with me 
A                G       E          A    
but the time has come to leave 

          A            G       
before we turn off the lights 
    Em     A  
and close our eyes 
     A          G 
i'll tell you a secret 
  Em       A 
i held all my life 
    A     G 
its you i live for 
    Em     A 
and for you i die 
     A             G 
so i lay here with you 
       Em     A 
in our final goodbye  

You can switch between Amand A in the Chorus if you want to 

Second verse is the same. 


        F   G 
promise our love 
would carry on 
      F    G       A 
until time eternal we belong 

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