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Get Along Home Cindy Cindy Chords

Ricky Nelson

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by alyslima

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Get Along Home Cindy Cindy

I wish I was a apple  
Hanging in a tree 
    C             F 
And every time my sweetheart passed  
G7           F       C 
She'd take a bite of me  

She told me that she loved me  
She called me sugar plum  
    C              F 
She threw her arms around me  
  G7         F        C 
I thought my time had come  

Get along home Cindy Cindy  
Get along home Cindy Cindy  
Get along home Cindy Cindy  
     G7            C 
I'll marry you sometime  

Cindy got religion  
She had it once before 
    C                 F 
But when she heard my old guitar  
G7              F          C 
She?s the first one on the floor 

I wish I had a needle  
As fine as I could sew  
    C                  F 
I'd sew the girl to my coattail 
G7           F        C 
And down the road I?d go 

Repeat 2 

Cindy in the spring time 
Cindy in the fall 
   C               F 
If I can?t have my Cindy girl 
G7           F       C 
I?ll have no girl at all 

Repeat 2 

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