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For Your Sweet Love Chords

Ricky Nelson

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by bombaXXX

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For Your Sweet Love

  		C                     Am 
Take a piece of chalk draw a line  
C                        Am 
Around the world about a hundred times 
    C                   F                   C 
And that's how far that goes for your sweet love 
Count all the rain in a million years  
C                   Am 
Make believe it's a million tears 
     C                 F                    C 
Well that's how much I cried for your sweet love 
F                          Em         F             C 
Here's everything that you were to me in one simple line 
F                         Em          D7               G7 
I'd go to the ends of the earth to be near you all the time 
C                             Am 
If I owned the earth with its mountains high  
C                        Am 
The sun the moon and the stars in the sky 
     C                   F                   C 
Well that's how much I'd give for your sweet love 
Repeat #2 
Am             C    Am            C    Am             C 
Mhm your sweet love oh your sweet love mhm your sweet love 

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