Rickety Shack

Downtrodden Skillet Dash

Rickety Shack

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Downtrodden Skillet Dash

	  		G Em C D x 4 

G               Em       C              D 
it's hot in the cab, the temperature is rising 
G         Em                  C            D 
the sun's beating down on the hood and the dash inside. 
G            Em       C                D 
these summer days are starting to mock me, 
G       Em      C         D 
I can't get you off of my mind 
G               Em              C            D 
eyes blurry the day seems to be coming to an end now, 
G           Em        C         D 
as the moon rises the sun slips into hiding 

as the sun sets it paints this evening sky red 
I sit watching and thinking as I drain this bottle dead 
and the nights are blacker then my heart has become 
early mornings keep me strong from the  
memorys that your gone x2 

::The song speeds up at this poIntro:: 

G Bm Em C 
G Bm Em C 

G                 Bm  
I'm down trodden, yeah I'm different, 
Em           C 
I stand out, I can't fix it 
G                   Bm              Em         C 
and I'm happy sorta happy sometimes I hear the clock droning on 
G             Bm              Em               C 
times passing people laughing content with how there life's dragging 
G              Bm               Em               C 
a man watches, always watching, tears fall for a hope lost. 

flares glaring, hells churning, can't you feel your blood burning? 
take another sip snarl grimace flip your lip, but please get a grip 
my life's no where heading somewhere to a place away from here 
these people just got to lose all this fear. 

I looked and I talked, I stopped and I thought, these people around me don't know  
what they want x3 

G Em C x3 ::Fast strumming on the last C chord:: 

D C D G C D G C D 

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