Rick Trevino

Doctor Time

Rick Trevino

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Doctor Time

By Rick Trevino, Melanie Dyer 
Intro: D  A  D  E  D  E  A 
Maybe the juke box can heal up a heartache 
G                     A    
But I'd go into debt 
Maybe the whiskey can wipe out a memory 
G               D           E 
But it only hurts my head 
Maybe some dancing will pick me up 
            A7                          D  
But the best songs always ends 
Now I'm down and telling myself  
E                              A 
Time is a fools best friend 
D          A       D                  E   
Doctor time, have mercy on me 
                D                         E 
Don't wait too long to set me free 
D         A      D                      E 
Doctor time, I'm counting on you 
                         D           E                       
Cause your the only one  
Who can pull me through 
Friends tell me hard work can fill up the hours 
G                          A 
But it don't fill this bed 
A quarter says a phone call can bring forgiveness 
G                D    E 
She'd hang up again 
Gotta find something to forget her 
               A7      D 
Everytime I lay down 
There ain't a night goes by I don't wish 
E                                   A 
I'd wake up a year from now 
Repeat Chorus: 
Gbm                                  D    E      A   
Time tell the truth your the only one I trust 
Bm                       D                     E 
How many weeks until I leave this heartache in the dust 
Repeat chorus: 

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