Repo The Genetic Opera

Genetic Emancipation

Repo The Genetic Opera

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Genetic Emancipation


A                F         E       G          A           C       A 
Years; it's been so many years resenting the years and my hereditary. 

A           F          E                G        A               C       A 
Oh, I have hated and loved you. I have hidden behind you, but I finally see: 

A             F         E                 G          A            C          A 
You, I've mistaken for destiny, but the truth is my legacy is not up to my genes. 

A                 F          E                  G          A          C     A 
True, though the imprint is deep in me, it will always be up to me... up to me. 

repeat chord progression throughout this part; it's easy to hear when to strike the chords 
Oh, ohhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh. 

Free at last. 

Oh, ohhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh. 


(A)     Bb   A 
Free at la- ast! 

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End Solo is basically this: |---------------------------| |5~--6-8-10-6-8-5~-----6--5~| |---------------------------| |---------------------------| |---------------------------| |---------------------------|

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