Renato Miranda

Waiting To Find

Renato Miranda

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Waiting To Find

	  		Intro: Em  G  D  C 

I´m so inocencent 
  C                 G 
I swear to God it`s true , 
D                          C 
So much to say about this world 
being so cruel 
I felt my stomach turns 
   C                 G      D5  D11+   
in butterfly`s I was stumped  
     D4      D      C9     C2     G    F 
And I feel , feel so lonely without you 

Em        G 
Wating to find 
    D                       F       
I`m Finding a meaning in my life 
Em         G 
Waiting to find 

     D                        C 
I`m finding a reason in your eyes 

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