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Diamantina Drover Chords


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Diamantina Drover

	  This is the live version of Diamantina Drover from Redgum's "Caught in the act". There are a  
few tabs around in different keys but this is the one (Dm/F) used in the album version.  
It can be transposed to Em for fewer barre chords if you prefer. The live version is worth  
chasing up for the guitar solo alone. 
(Lead in) 
Bb F Gm Dm 
Gm F Bb C Dm (C) 
    F            C              Dm 
The faces in the photograph are faded 
                       F                  Bb 
And I can't believe he looks so much like me 
C             Dm             Am            Gm                Dm 
For it's been ten long years today since I left for old Cork Station 
       Gm F        Bb            C        Dm 
Saying I  won't be back till the drovings done 
  C       Bb         F            Gm          Dm 
  For the rain never falls on the dusty Diamantina 
                      Am                 Bb 
  The drover finds it hard to change his mind 
  C       F                 Am            Bb                  Dm 
  For the years have surely gone like the drays from old Cork Station 
      Gm F        Bb            C        Dm 
  And I  won't be back till the drovings done 
It seems like the sun comes up each morning 
Sets me up and then takes it all away 
For the dreaming by the light of the campfire at night 
Ends with the burning light of day 
I sometimes think I'll settle back in Sydney 
But it's been so long and it's hard to change your mind 
For the cattle trail goes on and on and fences roll forever 
And I  won't be back when the drovings done 


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