Redd Kross

Vanity Mirror

Redd Kross

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Vanity Mirror

Intro: (D - A# - G - F) 2x 

Verso 1: 
 I cannot see 
    A#            G 
The nudist or the queens 
Of Satenteen 
 I cannot find 
A#                   G 
Love is the trash to those 
That we leave behind 

G-F#-E A G-F#-E C G F# Nobody knows exactly where we go E I've got a fear A D I'm afraid of the vanity mirror F I can't hide D F D When I look I see inside F# G I don't want to look to the vanity mirror Em Em D - A# -G Because I can't, I can't hide - hide
Verso 2: D I'm in disgrace A# G The remnants of the face D You tried to erase D You're looking fine A# G Except for the crack that almost D Ruined your mind (Refrão) Solo: D A# G Hide D A# G hide D A# G hide D A# G Vanity D A# G Vanity D A# G Vanity D

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