Take It All Away


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Take It All Away


	  		Intro: Gm  Gm/F  Gm/Eb   Gm/F 

          Gm                                               Gm/F 
You've stripped me down, the layers fall like rain 

     Gm/Eb                                    Gm/F 
It's over now, just innocence and instinct still remain 

       Gm                                       Gm/F 
You watched me while I slowly disappeared 

   Gm/Eb                                           Gm/F            Cm 
I reached for you to save me; you were frozen in your fear 

Gm Bb F Take it all away Cm Gm Bb F Take it all away
Intro: Gm Gm/F Gm/Eb Gm/F Circling the pain inside my soul I reached inside your silence to steal what you won't show I tried to find the answers in my fears But what was found is lost again as soon as it appeared Intro: Gm Gm/F Gm/Eb Gm/F (Usar a somente a base) Gm F I'm breaking; I can't do this on my own Eb F Can you hear me screaming out, am I all alone? Instrumental Base: Gm Bb F Cm D (2x) Gm Eb Cm Bb F Gm (2x) Gm Bb F Cm Parte Progressiva: Gm Dm F Cm Gm Dm You Take Away F Cm You Take Away... Final: Gm Bb F Cm

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