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Right On Time Chords

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by ferpepper

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Right On Time

Year: 1999 - Album: Californication

  		intro: C#m A 
One shot all I need  
I've got rhythm when I bleed=20  
'Til death do us part  
Break my heart so I can start=20  
Kiss me in the futuristic  
Twisted but I must insist  
It's time to get on top of this=20  
C#m E B F#m It's right on time C#m E B F#m It's right on time C#m E B F#m It's right on time C#m E B F#m C#m E B F#m It's right on time it's right on time=20 C#m E B F#m C#m E B F#m it's right on time it's right on time
Lookin' fine you're lookin' fine get on 1999 It's right on time=20 Discard to bombard Calling all you shooting stars=20 Holy cow bow wow wow Now I'm here I'm nowhere now=20 Joan of Arc reincarnated Maybe we could be related So much blood to circulate And so much space to decorate Chorus=20 Plain and simple pain I want to but I can't complain=20 Death row let us go It's time to blow up for the show=20 All the world reverberated Coming through we motorcaded Vibrate when we operated Turning up in solid stated=20 Oh Lord

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