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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by carlluz

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Hey! The song should be in standard, but also you can use drop d as well 

"Spoken part" 
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e----------------------------------------------| b----7-------------------x-7--.---9----8-------| g----7-------------------x-7--.---9----8-------| d----7-------7---------9-x-7--.---9----8-------| a----5---7/9----9-9/10---x-5--.---7----6-------| e--------------------------0-------------------|
Chorus: (the part of the 5 thing, you should listen the song to get the rhythm!) Bb I get out of bed F And I clear up my head Cm I don't want to go Gm But I do it instead Bb F D5 G5 C5 F5 G We are dreams, within a dream Bb I get into bed F And I turn off my head Cm I started to float Gm Was it something she said Bb F D5 G5 C5 F5 G We are dreams, within a dream The solo is weird and awesome at the same time, is in the key of Dminor (and then Josh does a lick like the E - Eb thing just like I put it at the top) Then the other spoken word, I use this chords (listen the song to get the right time to play it)
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----Dm--Am--Bb--F--?-A7-------------|-C#dim e---10--12--xx--13---9----12--------| b---10--13--15--13---8----11--------| g---10--14--15--14---9----12--------| d---12--14--15--15---7----11--------| a-----------13--15------------------| e-----------------------------------|
End of the song. If they're any corrections or sugestions, please let me know!

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