Red Hot Chili Peppers

C'mon girl

Red Hot Chili Peppers

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C'mon girl

Year: 2006 - Album: Stadium Arcadium

	  		Intro: Em 
G                  D 
Everything inside of me 
        Em                  C               Em 
Is burning up for you to see 
        G                   D 
And if we should get into it 
     Em                        C            Em 
A two way kind of syndicate, ho 
       G                      D 
Compare us to a ferris wheel 
         Em                             C 
Just be sure of what you want to steal 
             G                              D 
Some people do it by the book 
             Em            C          Em 
But I prefer to go by fell, tell me 
Am                        C 
I wanted to get outta here 
           G                    D 
But every time I reappear 
Am                                  C 
And know I have the words my dear 
         G                                   D              B 
To whisper right into your ear, hey, yeah 
Em C?mon girl Bm Let?s get it right Em Let?s get it right Bm Em Let?s get it right
G D The spirit of a dragon?s tear Em C Em Is lovely at this time of year G D The cave within your mountainside Em C Em Is deeper than it will be wide hold me G D My disenchanted diplomat Em C Em Asleep inside the laundromat G D Conveyer belts are moving and Em C Em I want you to be sure of that, tell me Am C And if let in germinate G D I know it will be worth the wait Am C Disputed by the news that it was you G D B Who tried to instigate, hey Em G D Em C (5x)
Am C Blessed are the hypocrites G D Outwitted but she never quits Am C The trouble with a band of slits G D B Is washing off the muddy bits, hey?..yeah
Chorus Em Oh yeah, she?s whit me and I?m your man If can?t find you no one can?

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