Rebecca St. James

My Hope

Rebecca St. James

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My Hope

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My Hope Key D#9D#9
	  		A9                                                        C     
When the weight of the world is on my shoulders 
And my bridges are broken 
I will remember You 
When the flowers are blooming, skies are bluer than ever 
And everything's well 
I will remember You 


Am                                         G 
Oh Lord my God, You walk beside me 
                     C                           E    E7 
Through the laughter, through the tears 
Am                                         G 
Oh Lord my God, You hold and You hide me 
                         C                                E   E7 
Because of your love, I have nothing to fear 
Am                                        D 
You are my hope You are my joy 
                    F              G                Am 
You are my savior and You are my God 
You are my love You are my life 
                  F                G            Am            D (segunda vez) 
And I will praise you forever my God (2x) 

Verso 2 

A9                                    C 
The deepest part of me is crying out 
Just to know You more 
So I remember You 
Now I will draw nearer to who You are 
And I see you clearer 
As I remember You  


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