Rebecca St. James


Rebecca St. James

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by  RLESKO45

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Rebecca St. James 

A               Amaj7      A6              D 

Verse 1 
A               Amaj7     A6                D 
   I always wanted    to be         free          ?Til I was bound and then 

A               Amaj7      A6              D                                  E             F#m           Bm       A/C#          
   I always wanted    my own    way          ?Til I saw that I find my life  when  I lose it 

                                      F#m   D   A                                        F#m   D   A             
You make me come a - live               You make me come a - live 

                           F#m  A  D                           
I found the secret                 

                         Esus    E              F#m                 D                                                      F#m  D  A                                    
It?s only when I let  go   of  what  I  want in this life            (You make me come a ? live) 

Verse 2 
A               Amaj7       A6                     D 
   I used to think that me, myself and I                 were all that mattered 

A                                     Amaj7      A6              D          
   But You?ve shown me  all this      world can give     

                                      E              F#m              Bm              A/C#          
Cannot compare to the joy  that  comes from    Giving away 

Repeat Chorus 


F#m                      E                     Bm  
       And as I     fol - low after  You            Now I need to 

F#m                          E                         D                       F#m 
       Leave my   past,   myself    behind     This I will do - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Repeat Chorus 2X 


A                   Amaj7       A6              D 
     I always    want - ed   to  be  free          ?Til I was bound and then 

A                   Amaj7        A6                                     A       
     I always    want - ed   my own way       ?Til I saw You 

C#m/G#        F#m            D                                       A 
                                                                   ?Til I saw     You 

C#m/G#        F#m            D 

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