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The Heart Won't Lie Chords

Reba & Vince Gill

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The Heart Won't Lie

	  Capo 1st Fret (To Match Recording) 
Intro: (C) (Am) (Dm7) (Gsus4) 
Looking (C) back over the (Am) years 
Of (Dm7/A) all the things I?ve (G/B) always meant to (C) say 
But the (Am) words didn?t come (Dm7) easily (Gsus4) 
(G) So many (C) times through empty (Am) fears 
Of (Dm7/A) all of the nights I tr(G/B)ied to pick up the (C) phone 
So (Am) scared of who might be (Dm7) answering (Gsus4) 
You (G) try to live your (G/B) life from day to (Em) day 
But (Am) seeing (Am/G) you acr(F)oss the room to(Am)night 
Just gives me aw(Gsus4)ay (G) (Gsus4) (G) 
  Cause the heart won?t (F) lie 
  Sometimes (Dm) life gets in the (G) way 
  But there?s (Em) one thing that won?t (Am) change 
  I know I?ve (G) tried (Gsus4) 
  (G) The heart won?t (F) lie 
  You can (Dm) live your alib(G)i 
  Who can (Em) see you?re lost in(Am)side a foolish dis(Dm7)guise (Gsus4) (G) 
  The heart won?t (C) lie 
Long after tonight 
Will you still hear my voice through the radio 
Old desires make us act carelessly 
Long after tonight, after the fire 
After the scattered ashes fly 
Through the four winds blown and gone 
Will you come back to me?  
You try to live your life from day to day 
But seeing you across the room tonight 
Just gives me away 
Repeat Chorus  

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