Los Angeles Waltz




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Los Angeles Waltz

	  		Intro: F#m,D ,F#m,D ,F#m,D ,F#m,D , 


   F#m                       D 
   I've been siting here patiently 
          F#m                D      
   I've been talking to myself 
   F#m                           D 
   Try'n to shake that sinking feeling 
   F#m                       D 
   wishing i was somebody eles 

   F#m                       D 
   May be i'll get right out ta here 
        F#m                       D 
   all the way back to turn pike lane  
   F#m                         D                 
   Find me a girl who can calm me right down  
       F#m                      D 
   it's been such a fucked up year  

        Bm               F#m           Bm 
   And i know it's not  easy when you don't get 
   what you want you deserve  
     Bm                   F#m 
   you can say that you love me 
        G                  A 
   but that's  what i've heard 

     A              F#m     E 

   To night in L A 
      A             F#m     E 
   To night in L A 
               A                F#m    E 
   Well it's got to be that way 

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