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If I Were You Chords

Ray Charles

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by lucicamargo

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If I Were You

Capo on 1st fret


A Gmaj7  F D#maj7  

        If I were you 

Bm7        Asus4        Amaj7           F#m7 
        I?d look the situation over 

Em7 A7  D                       C#m7 
        Wasn't just by accident 

Bm7                             Dmaj7           Amaj7 
        Our paths were meant to cross eventually 

Em7 A7 Dmaj7                                        Dm7 
        You said you?ve lost each time you tried to give 

G7      C#m                                     F#7 
        Well I don't mean to tell you how to live 

           D            D - C#m7 - Bm7 
        But if I were you 

        I'd fall in love with me 

Em7 A7 Dmaj7                                         
        Don't get me wrong 

Bm7             Asus4       E7          Amaj7            
        I don't pretend to know the future 

F#m7 Em7-A7-D                   C#m7             
                If you feel it half as much 

Bm7                        Esus4        Amaj7 
        As I do when your body touches me 

Em7 A7             Bm7                Dm7                       Em7 
        Oooh, ooh, You must know it's worth at least a try 

C#m7                                      F#7 
        So please don't let the good life pass you by 

             D          D - C#m7 - Bm7 
        Girl, if I were you  

                    Asus4       A 
        I'd fall in love with me 

Em7 A7                  Dmaj7 
        And if you were me 

                 Am Em7                         F#m7    Amaj7 
        You'd feel a pounding deep inside you growing stronger 

Em7 A7          D          C#7 
        And through these eyes 

F#m7                                B7 
        You?ll see there isn't any reason 

        To wait 

            Am E7        
        Any longer 

A7  Dmaj7        
        So take my advice 

Bm7                  Asus4  Em7     Amaj7       F#m7 Em7 
        And all the love I have to give you 

A7 Dmaj7                C#m7                 
        Odds are this time you just can't miss 

Bm7                             Asus4      Amaj7 
        What happened in the past is history 

Em7     A7  Dmaj7 
        Ooohh, what's going on right now 

        Can't be denied 

G7 C#m7                                 F#7 
        And I only want to help you to decide 

             D            D-C#m7-Bm7 
        Girl,  if I were you 

        I'd fall in love with me 

Em7     A7           Dmaj7        D - C#m7 - Bm7 
        Uh uh uh Yeah, if I were you 

        I'd fall in love with me 


A  Gmaj7   Fmaj7  - Gmaj7 - Amaj7 

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