Ray Charles

California Here I Come

Ray Charles

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California Here I Come

(Al Jolson, Bud De Sylva, and Joseph Meyer)

D         D7/13-        G 
California, here I come  
A                     A7/13-         D 
Right back where I started from  
D                Fdim               Edim             A7 
Where bowers of flowers bloom in the spring  
D             Fdim 
Each morning at dawning  
      Edim                   A7 
Birdies sing an' everything  
   D            D7/13-                    G 
A sunkist miss said, "Don't be late"  
A                  A7/13-      D 
That's why I can hardly wait  
G       Gm        B7       E7 
Open up that Golden Gate  
     G     A7  A7/13-  D 
California here I  come 

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