Hunters Kiss


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Hunters Kiss


Am                              Gm 
Listen: the sad story 'bout a deer, and a man! 

A romantic scene, from a lullaby, 
In the clearing green, where his eyes met mine. 
I was froze in motion, oh his bow was raised, 
Then the fleeting notion, that my life he?d save. 

Oh But I saw it coming, flying through the air, 
Feathered backside humming. Missed me, hit me where? 
Where it will only hurt me, not a mortal wound. 
Leave me lying dirty, someone would find me soon. 

I have never, felt like this before. 
Felt my body sinking, to the grassy floor. 
No I have never, known a love like this, 
Felt the flaming arrows, of the hunter's kiss. 

Dm                              Am 
My life is not mine, like a dog or a wife. 
Dm                                  Am 
He has taken his time, he has taken my life. 

I could see the steaming, of his cloudy breath, 
No, I was not dreaming, I was next to death. 
As I lay there twitching, then my legs he tied. 
There was nothing missing, on the day I died. 

I had never been like this before. 
Felt my body sinking, to the grassy floor. 
No I had never, known a love like this. 
Felt the flaming arrows of the hunter's kiss, 

Same chords, sing higher alt. melody 
No I have never felt like this before. 
Never felt my body sinking to the earth?s grassy floor. 
No I have never known a love like this. 
Never felt the flaming arrows of the lonely hunter's kiss. 

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