Dont want tosay goodbye


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Dont want tosay goodbye

        D                           Verse 1: 
        DDon't want to dF#mrive your love aBmway from meB 
        DDon't want to wF#maste your Gmaj7timeG B7sus4 B7 
        EmYou're here and tGm6here and far awDay A/C#     from BmmeA 
        E9/G#I'm so alEone it's just a cGm6rimeA7sus4 A7 
Verse 2: 
If you could lie here by my side at night 
If you could chase away my blues 
You'd understand just how it feels at night 
To have to stand inside my shoes 
        DDon't want to say goodF#mbye 
        C#mDon't want to let you sGee/F#    Eme cDryC# 
        BmStill I don't want A#+you to Bm/Alive aG#m7/5- lieAsus4 
        I'm gAonna tD5ry a lD6ittle hD5arderD6 D5 D6 D5 
        I'm gD6onna Bmtry a little harderB 
        I'm gonnaGmaj7 try a little harder 
1: F#7sus4 (N.C.) Bm A (to verse 2) 
And maybe you'll love me 
2: F#7sus4 (repeat Chorus) 
3: F#7sus4 (N.C.) Bm (to coda) 
And maybe you'll love me 
(repeat verse 1) 
(repeat Chorus, 2X) 
(piano, bass and strings): 
        (...Bmlove me)  Maybe you'llGmaj7 love me 
        Maybe you'll lBmove me  (ohh)A 
        Gmaj7     Maybe you'll love me 
(drums enter) 
        Maybe you'll, maybe you'll lBmove me 
Guitar solo: 
        Bm                        Gmaj7                                                Bm    Bm/maj7        Bm7      Bm6      Gmaj7                                                 


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