Randy Travis

Shall we gather at the river

Randy Travis

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Shall we gather at the river

Year: 2003 - Album: Worship & Faith

Shall we gather at the river, 
Where bright angel feet have trod, 
With its crystal tide forever 
C          Dm     G7           C 
Flowing by the throne of God? 
F                                 C 
Yes, we?ll gather at the river, 
      G7                              C   C7 
The beautiful, the beautiful ri ? ver; 
F                                          C 
Gather with the saints at the river 
        G7                             C 
That flows by the throne of God. 
On the margin of the river, 
Washing up its silver spray, 
We will talk and worship ever, 
All the happy golden day. 
Ere we reach the shining river, 
Lay we every burden down; 
Grace our spirits will deliver, 
And provide a robe and crown. 
At the smiling of the river, 
Mirror of the Savior?s face, 
Saints, whom death will never sever, 
Lift their songs of saving grace. 
Soon we?ll reach the silver river, 
Soon our pilgrimage will cease; 
Soon our happy hearts will quiver 
With the melody of peace. 


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