Randy Houser

In Gods Time

Randy Houser

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In Gods Time

Capo on 3rd fret
	  		In God's Time by Randy Houser ( 

INTRO (slow) 

G   Em7   D    Cadd9 

verse 1 
In God's time 
  Em7                 D         Cadd9 
A million years might only be a single day 
    Em7           D                 Cadd9 
And everything He does gets done in His own way 
In God's time 
And in God's time 
       Em7               D                   Cadd9 
You'll find that certain someone you've been praying for 
    Em7                       D                Cadd9 
And they'll be everything you dreamed of and a little more 
In God's time 

G Oh, but no one knows D Not you or me Em7 D Cadd9 It might be tomorrow or it might never be G Oh, but don't lose faith D Put it in His hands Em7 D Cadd9 'Cause it might be that He might have a bigger plan D Than you had in mind Cadd9 Miracles happen G In God's time
verse 2 G And in God's time Em7 D Cadd9 You'll finally get the chance to hold your baby boys Em7 D Cadd9 And all of a sudden everything'll make sense in this 'crazy' world G In God's time Chorus verse 3 G And In God's time Em7 D Cadd9 You go to sleep and wake up with wings and learn to fly Em7 D Cadd9 And you finally meet your loved ones on the other side G In God's time

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