Randy Crawford

One Day Ill Fly Away

Randy Crawford

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One Day Ill Fly Away

D Gm/D      D 
I make it alone 
Gm6/D Em7/D  D 
When love is gone 
D         Gm/D      D 
Still you made your mark 
Gm6/D   Em7/D  D 
Here in my heart 

D Gm/D D One day I'll fly away B7sus4 Bm7 Em7 A7(sus4) Leave your love to yesterday Dm Dm/C Gsus4 Gm7 What more can your love do for me Csus4 C Cdim C Bbm/F F When will love be through with me?
verse 2: I follow the night Can't stand the light When will I begin My life again Chorus Bridge: Dm Dm/C Gsus4 Gm7 Why live life from dream to dream Csus4 C Cdim C A7/C# F And dread the day that dreaming ends Instrumental (Verse chords) Chorus Bridge Outro: D Gm/D D Gm/D D Gm/D D One day i'll fly away, fly away, fly away

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