Random Encounters

Blood And Tears

Random Encounters

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Blood And Tears

Intro: Fm Ab Db C 

verse 1 
Fm                  Ab 
Trapped beneath the ground, 
Db                   C 
Locked away where we won’t be found. 
Fm                 Ab 
No one knows we’re here, 
Db                C 
But the day draws near. 

verse 2 
Fm                Ab 
I will leave this place, ending, 
Db              C 
All the fears I faced. 
Fm            Ab 
If I could go free, would they, 
Db             C 
Come recapture me? 

C And I Db Bbm won’t forgive the pain, C or forget the years, Fm full of blood and tears.
verse 3 Fm Ab No more stocks and burns, Db C No more tests, no more lessons learned. Fm Ab Here we draw the line, Db C Etched in blood of mine. verse 4 Fm Ab I would risk it all, for a, Db C chance to breach these walls, Fm Ab I would roll the dice, offer, Db C any sacrifice.
C And I Db Bbm won’t live one more day, C with these broken gears, full of blood and tears.
Bridge C So baby, Fm No more crying, Db Only chaos, Bbm No relying, C On someone to save us! Verse 5 Fm Ab If you only knew, all the, Db C things that I’ve been through. Verse 6 Fm Ab If I had your soul, would you, Db C lift me from this hole?
C By my, Db Bbm hands forever stained, C with a thousands swears… Fm Full of blood and tears!

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