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Animal Boy Chords


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Animal Boy

  		Intro: { B    G  A } x4 
B     G   A    B     G   A  
Gonna kill and destroy 
I'm not an animal boy 
Why don't they understand 
I'm not an ape man 
{ E  D  E  D } x2 
Don't have brain damage 
I'm not an a wild savage 
Don't push me around 
Don't bring my head down 
   E      B   D    
   Animal  boy 
   Animal  boy 
   Animal  boy 
   Animal  boy 
I'm not an imbecile 
Don't treat me like an animal 
I'm not a creature in the zoo 
Don't tell me what to do 
   Animal boy... 
B              G         F# 
You don't know what it's like 
You don't know how i feel 
I don't have a monkey's brain 
I'm not an animal 
{ B    G  A } x2 
You can't lock me in a cage 
This ain't the Stone Age 
Better get out of my way 
Someone's gonna have to pay 
   E B D  F# 
   Animal  boy 
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