Radical Dreamers

Valley Of Silence

Radical Dreamers



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Valley Of Silence

	  		F#m / E / Bm / D / E 
Has anybody told you 
wisdom lies in silence? 
Has anybody left you wondering, 
wondering about the truth? 

I needed time to find out  
the answers by myself 
My hands donít go as far as 
the eyesight can reach 

A / E / F#m / Dm 
Donít leave me in the Valley of Silence 

Simmering my thoughts  
And unleashing a bold desire 
The secret of her mild smile 
charming my heart 

From time to time thereís always 
a moment swelled with pride 
Such a fragile sign I was given 
to find out my way out, so please 

Donít leave me in the Valley of Silence 

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