Radical Dreamers


Radical Dreamers



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	  		Em  D         Am  C           G              Em 
You canīt forget what you felt someday; 
 Em  D         Am    C  G           Em   
And leave behind all in the past; 
 Em       D                               Am 
Thereīs somethigs that donīt vanish; 
       C        G               Em 
And things that donīt go; 
Em            D              Am 
But you know and i know; 
              C        G  
That i always will be... 

 Bm    D    Am  C    G                  
Hereeeeeeee waiting you (x2) 

D      Am    C     G  D 
Hereeeee    Waiting you 

Em D      Am C    G      Em 
The joy of life resides in the past 
Em D       Am   C G  Em 
While time is so fast; 
Em                D                       Am 
Think of the moments that we are losing 
                    C        G                   Em   
And the time that runs through your fingers. 
Em     D                        Am 
But for you it makes no difference; 
          C      G   
But believe iīll be... 

Bm     D    Am C    G  
Hereeeeeeee waiting you (x2) 

D      Am    C     G  D 

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