Radical Dreamers

Secret Fantasies

Radical Dreamers



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Secret Fantasies

	  		Em / G / D / Am 
Awaken late at night when she came to me 
?Let me share secret fantasies? 

Em / A / F / G 
Oh, Did I get the things right? 
Because I tried to skip the time to say goodbye 

Bm / G / Bm / G / A 
When it?s time to wake up I dream of 
Shifting shadows walls and fears 
Right now it?s clear but lights go off 

Bm / G / Bm / G / Bm / F# / E 
Again, again, again... 

One night stands for a lonely stance 
Entertainment for you and me 
How did you manage to get this far? 
A lovely passion once set up to fall apart 

Now I know the moment has come 
Face the truth all on my own 
Win now or wait for another day? again 

So far from what the best  
Was for me intended to be 
So many misconceptions  
Were among all my beliefs 

When with the blessings I?ve received  
There`s a curse stronger than me 
When is it time to meet my own destiny? 
I just want to be free? 

Awaken late at night when it came to me 
Should I share secret fantasies?? 

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