Rachel Wagner

Ive Done Everything

Rachel Wagner

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Ive Done Everything


Cmadd9 Abadd9 Bbadd9 F5 

verse 1 
Cmadd9   Abmaj9 
Will you take a breath?  
Bbadd9           F5 
Will you once be still?  
Cmadd9     Abmaj9 
I     have things to say.  
Bbadd9             F5 
I     have wine to fill.  

Cmadd9 Abadd9 Bbadd9 F5 

verse 2 
Cmadd9     Abmaj9 
I     have washed your feet.  
Bbadd9              F5 
I     have made you clean.  
Cmadd9   Abmaj9 
I     am tel - ling you  
Bbadd9         F5 
I've done everything. 

Cmadd9 Abadd9 Bbadd9 F5 

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