Rachel Sermanni

Sleep (acoustic)

Rachel Sermanni

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Sleep (acoustic)

Capo on 3rd fret
	  		Drop D 

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e|--------------------------------------------------------------------0-----------------------------| B|--------6-----------6-----------3-----------3----------\2-----------2--------------2--------------| G|--------7-----------7-----------3-----------3----------\2--------------------------2--------------| D|-----7-----7-----7-----7-----3-----3-----3-----3----\2-----2-----2-----2------2----------2--------| A|--5-----------5----------\1-----------1-----------0-----------0-----------0----------------------2| E|-(0)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------2-------------2--------------------------------------6---------| G|--------2-------------2--------------------------------------7---------| etc. D|-----2-----2------2-------2-----2-------------------------7-----7------| A|--0-----------0--------------0--------0-----0-----0---5-------------5--| E|-----------------------------------5-----3-----2-----(0)---------------| ...so - lar sys - tem - ssssssssssssss...
Dm B Sleep baby sleep A I don't mind if you leave; Dm B A We will part in our dreams, let them come. Dm B I'll give you my skin A But you can't have within; Dm B Hold me tight as you like. A Dm I will leave you when the day is done. Dm B Wake with the dawn A Discover needles in my neck. Dm B A Sleep it bade me turn my back on you. Dm B I'll watch your chest A As it rises with each breath Dm B But you still breathe beneath a river A Dm B A that I'll never even wade through. Dm B Give me your cup and A I'll give you mine. Dm B But I'll prise it from your fingers A in surrender to the night. Dm B The moon is bright A And hangs alone. Dm B A Yeah, he's got the stars, but they've got their own Solar systems. And I really haven't figured out this part yet: And I watch as he wards off the dark. With the gift that the sun gave him. And I learn from the moon what we are; All alone. But alone in a sea of lonely stars. So go baby glow.

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