Rachel Sermanni

Marshmallow Unicorn

Rachel Sermanni

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Marshmallow Unicorn


INTRO: Cadd9 Am7 Em/B F/B (2x) 

Cadd9              Am7      Em/B               F/B 
Farewell to you my love, I'm closing my eyes 
Cadd9                  Am7           C      G7 
you'll let go this cold cold hand in time 
Cadd9                  Am7       Em/B          F/B  
This chain around your neck must carry my stone 
Cadd9              Am7                   C      G7 
So I can feel your heart beat against my own 

     A                E7/B                  Am7/E      Am7/F    Am7/F#     Am7/F  
This veil will hide my voice from you and I'm not sure how I'll talk to you  
A                               Am7   
but know while you lie sleeping 
I'll be speaking my truths 

C          G        C                      Am7/F 
Be near me always I don't know where I'll go 
           C           G         C      C/F 
but I will tell you my stories 
C                 G         C              Am7/F 
On this ocean I'm rolling a wave away from you 
            C                  G           C 
but we will roll into each other some day 
C/F   C/G                       C 
For a ripple on the water I'll pray 


Cadd9             Am7      Em/B                 F/B 
You will lose my face even closing your eyes 
                 Cadd9            Am7              C      G7 
I have gone from skin to earth to tree against the sky 
Cadd9                   Am7           Em/B    F/B 
The storms may harm our blossom we call for the sun 
     Cadd9                 Am7                 C            G7 
and though the rain still pours we know she'll come in good time 

   A                    E7/B                Am7/E    Am7/F  Am7/F#     Am7/F          
Oh silver lining you are hard to see when her face it fades away from me 
      A                  Am7                                C 
but I know while she lies sleeping we are dreaming the same dreams 

         C         G       C                  Am7/F 
For she is near me always telling me where to go 
    C             G        C   C/F 
she listens to my stories 
    C              G           C                    Am7/F  
She has this funny notion that tears the tears from me 
           C              G           C     
but I will dry her pretty eyes one day 

      Am7/F         Am7/G           Am7              Am7/B                    
For a ripple on the water I'll pray 

      Am7/F            Am7/G           E7                Am7    
And I know that I will find her by the tremors left behind her  
              Am7/F         G           Cadd9  
for with each ripple on the water she prays  


End on: C 


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