Rachel Sermanni

Jens Song

Rachel Sermanni

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Jens Song

What did I do 
To deserve you? 
How did I land 
with you on these sands? 
G                                D         G 
Shall we go swim in the Indian sea? 

How do I explain, 
it's worse than a dream. 
I find myself tied 
with you by my side. 
G                                 D 
Shall we go beg on a merciless street, 
And get fed more than we could ever eat. 

D A7 G I think I know what you are. D A7 G You're the closest I will get to a star. D A7 G I hope your mother knows, D A7 G7 I'd be proud if I gave birth to one of those.
Verse A7 Where are we now? C#dim Don't shake your head. Bm This is your life D7 Though it feels like you're dead G D when you are stood on the top of the world. A7 Oh to be C#dim A swallow with thee, Bm Oh to be wolves D7 Wild and free. G D Shall we dance where the sun never sets? G D Who needs to know which way is west. G7 When I will always know which way is best. D A7 G I think I knows what you is. D A7 G You're the closest I will get to an Angel. D A7 G i hope your father knows D A7 G7 I'd be proud if I conceived of those.

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