Punch Brothers

The Blind Leaving The Blind Mvt 1 - Part 2

Punch Brothers

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The Blind Leaving The Blind Mvt 1 - Part 2



A A D E 

D                   A 
The sweet young man 
D                                       E                Bm 
goes walking down the street wiping blood off his hands 
                                  B             E 
and it doesn't look good but he does what he can 
D               A 
to erase the signs 
D                       A          E            Bm 
of the nightmare he faced at the scene of the crime 
D               F#m     E 
she snuck up behind him 
A       D             F#m       B7 
as he knelt by her victim 
E                       E       G#sus   B 
whispered "I knew you'd come; 
        E                 E   G#sus   B 
But there's nothing to be done, 
        A               E         F#  G#sus  G# 
And if I was you, I'd run. 
C#m             D#      C#m             D# 
'Cause no one cares about what you felt 
when they see any signs of guilt. 
C#m             D#      C#m     D# 
you kissed its face; you held its hand; 
E6                                       B 
you always were a sweet young man" 

Chord progression for banjo/mandolin solos 

E B E B F# C#m C#7 F# Repeat 4 times then 

G#m F# B E G#m C#7 F#  B A  


D#m            D  
he's still a mess 
F#            Bm      A             A/G#      A/G      F#                                        
so he hires a car to take him to the fountain at Balboa Park 
D#m                   D            F#           Bm 
where he used to play when he was young 
            A      A/G#   A/G    F#    F#/E   D 
he's gonna wash off in front of God and everyone 
Dmaj7   A   A 

The rest is Instrumental following the first part 

A A D E 

D              A 

D       E      Bm  

B             E 

D             A     

D       E      Bm 

D     F#m      E 

A       D      F#m       B7   E 

E       G#sus   B 

mandolin by itself:    

E   G#sus   G#   

Full band in:  

E (4 bars) A  E   F#  G#sus  G# 

There you go, thanks for checking it out! 

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