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God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen Chords

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by rbriggs

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God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen


God rest ye merry, gentlemen.  
      C                    B7  
Let nothing you dismay.   
Remember Christ, our Savior,  
        C                         B7  
was born on Christmas Day  
      Am                   G  
To save us all from Satan's pow'r  
         Em                   D  
when we were gone astray,  
    G            B7             Em  
O tidings of comfort and joy,   
comfort and joy!  
     G            B7            Em  
O tidings of comfort and joy!  
In Bethlehem, in Israel,   
this blessed Babe was born,   
and laid within a  manger   
upon this blessed morn,  
To which His Mother Mary   
did nothing take in scorn.   
From God, our heav'nly Father,   
a blessed angel came  
and unto certain shepherds   
brought tidings of the same,  
how that in Bethlehem was born the   
Son of God by name.  

The shepherds at these tidings 
rejoic-ed much in mind 
And left their flocks a-feeding 
In tempest storm and wind 
And went straightway to Bethlehem, 
The blessed babe to find. 

Now, to the Lord sing praises, 
All ye within this place, 
And in true love and brotherhood 
each other now embrace, 
This holy tide of Christmas, 
of beauty and of grace.   


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