Priscilla Ahn

Cry Baby

Priscilla Ahn

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Cry Baby


        C         Em             Dm            G 
You don't call anymore, you don't knock on this door 
          Em          Am               F       G   
Just to picture you out there without me 
           C          Em 
Breaks my heart into two 
        Dm            G 
What am I supposed to do 
       Em                Am          F        G  
When I thought you would never ever leave? 

C   Em      Dm  
Cry baby, I am 
C   G       F 
Cry baby, I am 

 C      Em      Dm    G  
 Em     Am      F     G    

     C              Em              Dm          G 
If I knew you would leave then this heart on my sleeve 
         Em       Am              F       G          
Would be safe and sound inside of me 
      C             Em       Dm           G 
But I guess I'm the fool and you were too cruel 
      Em           Am             F      G  
I can see this was never meant to be for me 

C   Em      Dm  
Cry baby, I am 
C   Em      Dm  
Cry baby, I am 
C   Em      Dm  
Cry baby, I am 

Cry, cry, cry 
C   G       F 
Cry baby, I am 

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