Princess Velasco

Ordinary People

Princess Velasco

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Ordinary People


Girl I'm in love with you  
This ain't the honeymoon  
Em7               Fm7  
Past the infatuation phase  
Right in the thick of love  
At times we get sick of love  
Ebm7                        Fm7  
It seems like we argue every day.  
   Bbm7               Ebm7                                    
I know I misbehave and you made your mistakes   
and we both still got room left to grow  
And though love sometimes hurt,   

I still put you first and we'll make this thing work but I  
think we should take it slow.  

Bbm7 Ebm7 We're Just Ordinary People Ebm7 Fm7 We don't know which way 2 go Bbm7 Ebm7 Cause we're Ordinary People Ebm7 Fm7 maybe we should take it slow Bbm7 Ebm7 Take it slow-oh oh-oh-oh Ebm7 Fm7 This time we'll take it slow Bbm7 Ebm7 Take it slow-oh oh-oh-oh Ebm7 Fm7 This time we'll take it slow
verse 2 Bbmaj7 This ain't a movie naw Ebm7 No fairy tale conclusion ya'll Ebm7 Fm7 It gets more confusing every day Sometimes it's heaven sent Then we, head back to hell again We kiss, then we make up all the way I hang up, you call We rise and we fall And we feel like just like walking away As our love advances We take second chances Though it's not a fantasy I still want you to stay Chorus Bbm Db/Eb Maybe we'll live and learn, maybe we'll crash and burn Fm7 Maybe you'll stay, maybe you'll leave, maybe you'll return Bbm Db/Eb Maybe another fight, maybe we won't survive Fm7 Maybe we'll grow, we never know, baby you and I Chorus

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