Porter Wagoner

You All Come

Porter Wagoner

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You All Come

When you live in the country 
Every-body is your neighbor 
    C                        G 
On this one thing you can re-ly 
They'll all come to see you 
And never ever leave you 
        C             G               C 
Sayin', Y'all come to see us bye and bye. 
Y'all come, Y'all come. 
    C                              G 
Oh, Y'all come to see us when you can 
       C     F 
Y'all come, Y'all come 
      C              G              C 
Oh,  Y 'all come to see us now and then. 
Kinfolks a-comin' 
They're comin' by the dozen 
Eatin' ever'thing from soup to hay 
And right after dinner 
They ain't lookin' any thinner 
And here's what you hear them say. 
Pore old Grandmaw's a-wishin' 
They'd come out to the kitchen 
And help do the dishes right away 
But they all start a-leavin' 
Even though she's a-grievin' 
You can still hear Grandmaw say:  


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