Point of Grace

Who Am I?

Point of Grace

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Who Am I?

Year: 2004 - Album: I Choose You

C                    F/C 
Over time You?ve healed so much in me, 
C            G/C 
And I am living proof 
F                 C 
That although my darkest hour had come, 
F                        G 
Your light could still shine through. 
C              F/C 
Though at times it?s just enough to cast 
C             G/C 
A shadow on the wall, 
F              C 
Well I am grateful that You shine 
F        G     C 
Your light on me at all 
F  C                   Am          G  
Who am I..... That You would love me so gently? 
F/C  C                   F           G 
Who am I......That You would recognize my name? 
F C                 Am              G 
Lord, who am I...That You would speak to me so softly? 
F        (F)    (Am)      (F) G          C  
Conversation with a love most high.....Who am I? 
(same chords as 1st verse) 
Amazing grace how sweet the sound 
That saved a retch like me 
Oh, I once was lost mbut now I?l found 
Was blind but now I see. 
And the more I sing that sweet old song 
The more I understand 
That I do not comprehend this love 
That?s coming from Your hand 
Grace, grace, God?s grace 
Grace that will pardon and cleanse within 
Grace, grace, God?s great grace 
Grace that is greater than all my sin 
Contribuição: Rachel Strehle([email protected]) 


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