Point of Grace

One King

Point of Grace

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One King

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	  		Am                  G 
Kings of earth on a course unknown 
Am                  Em 
Bearing gifts from afar 
Am     G 
Hoping praying 
Am               E 
Following yonder star 

Am               G 
Silhouette of a caravan 
Am                 Em 
Painted against the sky 
D        Dm 
Wise men searching 
F       G    Am 
For the holy child 

C                 G/B 
One king held the frankincense 
Am                E 
One king held the myrrh 
C                 G     Em 
One king held the purest gold 
Dm       G        E           Am 
One King held the hope of the world 

Am                G 
A star hangs over Bethlehem 
Am                    Em 
A journey ends in the night 
Am          G 
Three kings trembling 
Am                  E 
Behold the glorious sight 

Am                 G 
Heaven's treasure Emmanuel 
Am                 Em 
Drawing men to bow down 
D    Dm   F       G      Am 
Tiny baby born to wear a crown 

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