Point of Grace

Blue Skies

Point of Grace

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Blue Skies


Dm                    C                             F                     Dm-C 
On Days of gray when doubt clouds my view It's so hard to see past my fears 

    Dm                             C                   F 
My strength seems to fade an it's all I can do to hold on til the light 


 Dm                            F             C                Dm 
Still, I believe though some rains bound to fall that you're here next to me 

            Bb      C 
and you're over it all- 

F C Dm Bb Lord the sky's still blue for my hope is in you Dm F C You're my joy, you're the dream that's still alive- F C Dm Bb Dm C Like the wind at my back and the sun on my face- You are life, You're grace- F Bb-Dm-C F Bb-Dm-C You are blue-Skies- You're my blue-skies-
Verse: Dm C F When nights are long seems the dark has no end still we walk on in Dm-C Dm C the light of the truth...For waiting beyond where the morning begins is the Dm C Bb Dm C dawn an your mercy anew...Oh, to believe were alive in your love Dm F Bb C There is so much to see if we keep looking up... (Back to chorus then bridge) Bridge: G# Bb F You filled the heavens with hope and a higher love G# Bb C A picture, a promise for life Chorus (2x)

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