Pocket Full of Rocks


Pocket Full of Rocks

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Pocket Full Of Rocks 

Vs. 1: 
            G            F#sus4       Bm 
There was a time I was    dead      inside.  
               G               F#sus4          Bm 
You'd call my name and I'd      try         to hide. 
              G              F#sus4         Bm 
My heart was dark and so     full       of shame, 
Full of shame. 
              G             F#sus4       Bm 
But like the dawning of a   brand    new day 
               G            F#sus4        Bm 
Your love has chased my     shame        away. 
              G      F#sus4         Bm          A 
How amazing, now I    hear     You singing over me!         Over me!  

G D Lively, I sing - Lively, I live F# Bm Giving You all I have to give, G D A Until the world knows the Love that's made me so alive A I'm alive, I'm alive!
Vs. 2: G F#sus4 Bm Well, every day I find Your mercy new. G F#sus4 Bm And every moment that I spend with You G F#sus4 Bm A I am overwhelmed by Grace I can't keep to myself! To myself! (Chorus) Bridge: Bm F# Out of my sorrow, out of my night, G D You called me into Glorious Light. Bm F# A Where all of the lost, lonely and broken Find Your light. A Shine Your light.

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