No One Like You


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No One Like You


verse 1: 
Gmaj7              A          Bm 
Who can match your marvelous worth oh Lord 
Gmaj7               A                  Bm 
Who can match the things you that you do 
Gmaj7              A      Bm           Gmaj7  G 
Who can match the beauty inside of you 

verse 2: 
What compares to the power that comes from You 
What compares to the love that you give 
What compares to the glory that flows from you 

A        Bm           G          D 
Higher and higher we lift Your Name 
A        Bm       C 
Higher than everything 

D A/B Bm G There is no one like You, no one like You Lord A You are so holy D You are strong and mighty A/B Bm Em7 D/F# G Full of glory and majesty
Bridge: Gmaj7 You are holy Bm A Gmaj7 With all of Heaven we sing holy Bm A Gmaj7 For there is nothing like your glory Bm A Em7 Gmaj7 Let all creation arise and sing, to the King

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