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Beautiful Saviour Chords


Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by Limerox

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Beautiful Saviour

Verse 1:   
A        E/G#      F#m7  
Jesus, Beautiful Saviour,  
E             D  
God of all Majesty,  
A/C#    Bm7   E 
Risen  King,  
Verse 2:   
Lamb of God,  
E/G#      F#m7  
Holy and righteous,  
E          D  
Blessed redeemer,  
A/C#              Bm7       E 
Bright morning star  
          E      A/C#         D  
All the heavens shout your praise,   
         E   A/C#   D      F#m7      E  
All creation bow to wor---ship      You   

A F#m7 How wonderful, how beautiful, E D A/C# Bm7 D/F# E/G# Name above every name, ex------alted high A F#m7 How wonderful, how beautiful, E D Bm7 D F#m7 E A Jesus Your name, name above e----very name, Je--sus
Bridge: A F#m7 D Bm7 E I will sing forever, Jesus I love You, Jesus I love You Bridge 2: A Asus Jesus, Beautiful Saviour

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