Beak My Body


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Beak My Body

	  		Break My Body  - PIXIES   

G            Bb  
    I'm a Hard Loser 
Dm                 G                   Bb G 
      You'll find me Crashing through my Mother's Door 
G                 Bb  
       I am an Ugly Lover  
Dm                   G           Bb G 
      You'll find us Crawling on the Dirty Floor 

Dm G F Break my Body, Bb C G Hold my Bones, Hold my Bones X3, then hang on G..
G Bb I'm a Belly Dancer Dm G Bb G I'll shake for Arabs and I'll never care G Bb I'm a Building Jumper Dm G Bb G Roof to Roof you see me flying In the Air back to Chorus above, then full stop! CODA chords come twice as fast Bb Dm Somebody Got Hurt Bb Dm Somebody Get hurt Bb F Bb F Somebody got Hurt. CHORDS NOTES: open strings ring on 1 and 2! Verse: G355400 etc. slide ?E? shape to sixth fret G ? Bb, Dm, G, Bb ? G Chorus: Dm(IV)x57760 etc* Dm(IV)- G - F(I)- Bb(I) - C - G *using power chords on F?s, Bb(I)?s, n C?s Listen to the recording for chord timing n feel as I'm not smart enough to explain it to you.. I put the chords where I thought they fall.

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