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	  		A G | A G | A G | A G | 
I might be the way, Everybody likes to say. I know watcha thinking about me. 
A G | A G | A G |  
There might be a day, You might have a certain way. But you don't have my luxuries. 
A | G | A G |  
And it's me I know I know my name cause I say it proud.  
A G | A | G | A 
Everything I want I always do. Looking for the right track, always on the wrong track, 
G | A G | A 
But are you catching all these tracks that I'm laying down for you?  
| G | A G 
There's a song I was listening to, up all night, 
| A G | A G 
There's a voice I am hearing saying It's alright . 
| A G | A G 
When I'm happy I am sad, but everything is good, 
| A G | A G | 
It's not that complicated, I'm just misunderstood.  

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