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On The Turning Away Chords

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by euu2

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On The Turning Away

Year: 1987 - Album: A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

Em     D        G  
On the turning away  
         C            Em  
From the pale and downtrodden  
        D          G  
And the words they say  
Which we won't understand  
       Em                C     G  
Don't accept that what's happening  
          Em              G     C  
Is just a case of all the suffering  
          G                C  
Or you'll find that you're joining  
Em     D        G  
In the turning away  
Em     D            G  
It's a sin that somehow  
         C           Em  
Light is changing to shadow  
    D            G  
And casting it's shroud  
Over all we have known  
Em              C          G  
Unaware how the ranks have grown  
       Em      G        C  
Driven on by a heart of stone  
         G               C   Em  
We could find that we're all alone  
       D            G  
In the dream of the proud   
Em      D            G  
On the wings of the night  
       C          Em  
As the daytime is stirring  
          D          G  
Where the speechless unite  
In a silent accord  
Em                   C        G  
Using words you will find are strange  
    Em                 G         C  
And mesmerised as they light the flame  
G                    C  
Feel the new wind of change  
Em     D            G  
On the wings of the night   
Em      D        G  
No more turning away  
         C            Em  
From the weak and the weary  
        D        G  
No more turning away  
From the coldness inside  
       Em            C        G  
Just a world that we all must share  
         Em             G         C  
It's not enough just to stand and stare  
      G      C                   Em  
Is it only a dream that there'll be  
        D       G  
No more turning away 


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